Top 6 Reasons to Remodel Your Kitchen

What are these six top reasons to remodel your kitchen? As a first, one of the reasons that you may be thinking your next remodeling project will be a chance for the only time to do it, hardly you get the second chance to make a good impression. This is important to be in a kitchen that is beautiful and updated so that you can always greet your family and your guests with that classic and elegant style.

The second reason is the lifestyle. You need to remodel is your lifestyle. The kitchen is the heart of your home, it is the center of your family activities. And how we design the kitchen is all about your personality, we need to kind of make a quick assessment about your personal kitchen needs, how you cook, how you live, and when we understand those things that will be possible for us to give you the best kitchen. When you even expand that heart of the home you will see that the kitchen is going to be your welcoming space, and it will reflect your lifestyle.

Efficiency is another reason to remodel. We are talking about your personality, right? Maybe you’re a person who doesn’t really like cooking a lot, you don’t want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen or you just want to see that spice track on the right-hand side. It’s really important for us to know what you’re looking for, then we can increase the efficiency by this way when we increase the efficiency that the kitchen is going to be turned into a great place for you, and you will be enjoying every single time that you are spending in your kitchen. That’s a very important thing when we are creating the kitchen design for you because a full-service kitchen remodeling project will give you a decade of practicality and that’s why you need efficiency there.

Here are some other details such as; eco-friendly advantages and a greener kitchen. It’s going to help you when you’re paying your bills. Also, it’s going to help the environment, if you’re using less energy, It will help you to save money and the planet too.

One other thing to consider is that kitchen remodeling is an investment. When we are talking about remodeling, most people think that it’s an expense, but oppositely, your next kitchen remodeling project is not an expense, it’s an investment. You can add value to a home with a fully updated kitchen and it’s going to make your day-to-day life a little more pleasant and enjoyable. Then if you want to sell your house you will see that, that’s going to be more marketable, it’s a win-win situation. 

The final reason is that you deserve better. Imagine that feeling when you visit some other homes and see that great kitchen. Just to admit that you’re a little envious just because you start to imagine yourself as a homeowner that owns that great kitchen. Because it’s a stylish and functional updated kitchen, which is great and it’s a focal point of your home. Then why, you’re not treating your kitchen the same way? That’s why we always believe our clients or customers who are just walking into our showroom, deserve a better kitchen. 

Interiors by JaymeCredit: Mohawk

Why your style matters?

Finding your style is the first step when you are remodeling your kitchen, also the most important step, because everything else is going to be shaped around these selections.

Your style which reflects your taste will affect the materials that you will use in your kitchen. For instance, modern kitchens. Some people don’t think about getting a modern kitchen, maybe you’re just on the classic side, and you like the classic ones with the contemporary or transitional ones. We also see another trend with harmony house types of kitchens. Everyone has a different taste. If you like modern kitchens, of course, we have tons of different options in our showroom, and you will be able to come and see them. 

How to calculate kitchen remodeling costs

If you are looking to remodel your kitchen, then you want to know what affects the cost. The first thing is the cabinet. These make up 30-35% of your total budget and installation will be 14%. Other things need to be considered such as countertops which are 15% of the budget with lighting coming in at 7%-8%. It’s always a good idea to include all additional expenses when estimating the total cost for any project so that you don’t get surprised by hidden costs down the road!

Also, there are different door types such as; mullion, partial overlay, etc. For instance; when you look at the mullion doors, they have glasses, there are cutouts and that kind of thing. It’s really easy to understand these kinds of things are going to cost a little more. When you get the door, that workmanship that is related to that door is going to affect the overall price of your cabinetry.

Additionally, we have a variety of cabinet construction. For example, when you imagine that you are facing a cabinet and you don’t see the frame, we call it full overlay, or in the other case you will see some frame, then we call it partial overlay. Full overlay doors are a little high-end and it needs extra craftsmanship to make that a full overlay. When you make the comparison, it’s going to add a little bit of an invoice to your budget at the end of the day. But if you like it and you have no other choice, just buy it because it’s not going to double the price, just it’s going to change it slightly. It’s all about your own style, if you’re looking for a more classic look, an overlay may not be the best choice for you because a classic look will be supported by a partial overlay. But if you want a modern look then you can go with the full overlay. It all comes down to the workmanship that you put on the cabinet. 

Also, there are two different types of cabinets; Painted cabinets and natural ones.

Painted cabinets are a little more economical and the natural ones are a little more high-end. Again looking for it all depends on the style, we’re just talking about the budget details, but when you look at your overall style, all of your choices will affect the cost. 

Wood species are another part of your cabinetry. In our showroom, we have many different wood species, we have different ones for different cabinet makers. We have

  • Maple 
  • Red Oak 
  • Cherry 
  • Hickory 
  • Black Walnut and Bamboo kitchen cabinets.

Maple kitchen cabinets and red oak kitchen cabinets are trendy lately. Cherry and Hickory was the top of the trend 10 years ago, and we still can see a lot of cherry kitchen cabinets and a lot of kitchen remodeling projects go with the cherry or black walnut. Bamboo is kind of a unique style. Most of the people who are coming for bamboo, come with these kinds of referrals.

One of the major parts of your kitchen remodeling project is countertops. Countertops have two main different types; natural vs. engineered stone. The natural stone, it’s natural, it comes from nature and the engineered stone is the thing that when you take the natural stone, make the things a little bit better and then market it, it is a man-made product. When you look at the resistance or chemical resistance, you need to stay in the natural stone because you need a little bit of maintenance. For instance, quartz is going to be more on the durable side and that’s a perfect material to choose from. Also, granite might be a good idea and option to choose, but it is quite possible to granite absorbs anything that you put over there. But when you look at, the finishes, we have more finishes for granite. When you put your hot cup on the surface you may really kind of ruin your quartz stone but that kind of absorption is not going to be that problem when we are working with granite. When we are looking at overall maintenance, quartz has a big advantage because you don’t need to seal the quartz stone, and also all engineered stones don’t need to be sealed, but you need to maintain your granite on a regular basis in order to make it look good, in order to keep your countertop healthy. 

Kitchen Cabinet Accessories, Backsplashes, Flooring, and Handles

It’s not only the kitchen cabinets and countertops, we also have the details. For example, your backsplash is one of the details that is going to complete your kitchen. That’s why you should need to consider picking up your backsplash through the end of the project, after even deciding what you’re going to put on the floor. Because backsplashes need to complement every detail of your kitchen as a whole, so you shouldn’t need to rush to pick your backsplash.

As another detail, your handles definitely need to be kind of heavy following the different things that you have in your kitchen. You can’t put a classic handle on a modern kitchen, but if you are working with a high gloss kitchen, maybe you shouldn’t even consider getting some handles, most of the high end, glossy modern kitchens are coming without handles, you just open it through the bottom of the cabinet. But if you don’t like working with this kind of cabinetry, you need handles. Handle choices are a couple of last steps before we take to finalize your kitchen remodeling project, but they’re still important.

Flooring also is another thing, because think about having white cabinets with white flooring. This is a personal preference, but we don’t recommend much the white cabinets, white flooring. What we recommend is a little bit of contrast. A little bit of contrast is going to make it look good. For the flooring, 12 by 12, and 24, even, 25 by 12 is going to help you, to kind of make it look good. If you go with 12 by 12, it’s going to be a lot of ground, but for better ground usage, if you don’t want to see a lot of ground, you go with little bigger tiles. such as 24 by 24, it is going to be a good option for you.

How to Create Your Remodeling Timeline for Your Project?

The first phase is always creating the budget. When you have your kitchen involving timeline in mind, you need to think about your budget and set it up. Then come and talk to one of our kitchen designers. When you want to contact you have two options; you can book Zoom appointments or you can just walk into our showrooms. Or sometimes we have an option for a home visit, when you book your home visit, we’re going to ask your address, and we will come to measure your kitchen. If you want to just stop by, it’s going to be better just because you will be able to understand what kind of you can expect and what you like after seeing all the samples. When you decide to work with us, we start to talk to you about your style and needs. Then we start the design process. When you’re done with the first phase and if you confirm the project, we finalize your plans and confirm your project, which is a second phase.

Then we’re going to order your cabinets, that’s the third step. You can order your cabinets at the same time you’re going to order your countertops. These things are going to take some time, especially kitchen cabinets, depending on the kitchen cabinet model you picked, backorder times may vary but at the end of the day, we will be bringing this catalyst to you and we will be bringing these cabinets to you with the estimated time arrival. Also the same thing for the countertop too.

When your countertops, cabinets, and every other detail are ready then it’s time for demolition and installation. It could be either us or you can with your own contractor, but we will be happy to help you if you kind of book us for your cabinet installation as well. We’re only starting from the base cabinets because the reason why is when we start from the base cabinets, you don’t really need to wait for the wall cabinets to be installed. When you’re done with the base cabinets, we direct go with the countertops installation. 

The very last step is going to unpack and enjoy. Congratulations! You have your kitchen ready. You can show up a little bit, you can even invite your friends and family members to show you your new cabinet. 

Are kitchen cabinets expensive? 

All kitchen remodeling projects could be kind of under budget. But if we do the correct selections for you, you can set everything clear and in the way that you want. It’s important for us to work around that budget, we will be here to help you to save time and money at the same time.

Are they expensive? Of course not. Because when you have your budget in mind we will be helping you to save, to make it less and less to prevent any kind of unwanted or unexpected type costs.

Which kitchen cabinets are easy to clean? 

Imagine that you are cleaning a slab door or you’re cleaning a raised panel door, when you have those intricate designs on the cabinetry, of course, some dirt and oil can stay a little more in deeper, but if it’s a flat panel, that’s really easy to clean. For most of these cabinets, you don’t need to use hard chemicals. If you don’t even want to have a lot of problems with the cleaning, you should go with a little less detailed design.

Which Countertop Materials are easy to clean?

The engineered stone is easy to maintain and also it’s cleaning as a part of it. As opposed to the kind of top that we have because of countertops again, you need to seal the countertop every single, like six months or four months or many years. It all depends on how you use your kitchen, but engineer stones are also easy to maintain and clean. 

How long will kitchen cabinets last?

It depends on your choice, if you’re kind of bored with your current kitchen after 10 years, you may want to kind of replace it. But the trend is going to change, you can see that old cabinetry that is coming from the 1980s or 1990s. But generally, your next kitchen is going to be at least for 20 years, when you look at the product life at least 20 years is going to be fine.