Have you ever considered what a new kitchen could do for your family? Not just the added space or updated look, but how it can make preparing food and cooking more enjoyable. A kitchen remodel is a big project that usually takes about six months to complete, but this blog post will help you figure out the best way to get an up-to-date design at the right price. We’ll cover budgeting, timelines, and some of our favorite trends in kitchen design! If you are looking for a kitchen or bath in 2021, you may be interested in the color trends that are trending. We are seeing new, modern colors like navy and matt finishes. Also, there are a lot of matte finishes and also quartz countertops, stones such as quartzite and slate are becoming more popular. The New “Centerpiece” of the Home: The Kitchen In decades past, kitchens were conveniently located in a house’s back rooms. The kitchen was a place where food was prepared and dirty dishes were washed. But today the kitchen’s role in family life has changed dramatically. Today, it’s the kitchen that unifies a home. The hub of the household, where friends and family come to start or end their days together. The kitchen, heretofore positioned in an outlying corner of the house, has now taken its rightful place at the center! There’s a lot to know when you’re remodeling your kitchen. We’ll tell you what’s new in modern design, and how to plan for a typical kitchen renovation timeline. So, let’s dive in! Modern kitchen design has been heavily influenced by technology and social dynamics. There’s a newfound focus on open concept kitchens in homes, and they’re designed so that the heart of the home is together at all times. Clean and simple styles have been a favorite for homeowners since natural light has become essential to kitchens.

Bring Color to Your All-White Kitchen: Dark Colors Are Finally Here

Although white cabinets are a classic look that can be used in almost any kind of kitchen style, they are slowly fading in popularity. In order to break up the all-white kitchen, islands are sometimes painted or stained with a variety of colors. Mixing design elements and finishes can add a subtle accent piece that provides some needed color. These pops of colors will be popular in shades of blue and green. Additionally, a new trend in the island and kitchen design is combining dark jewel tones like black, navy, emerald green, and plum. Also, dark kitchen cabinets can be a very chic way to add drama, luxury, and style in your kitchen space, you can color your kitchen by matching your dark cabinets with a light countertop. A dark cabinet kitchen is a rich, deep and luxurious atmosphere that the other options just don’t provide. They cast a dramatic light in every corner of the kitchen. This is a tricky balance, lighting the kitchen too brightly can make it feel small and claustrophobic. So you need to be careful about the balance. However, more homeowners are opting for a black kitchen in 2021. The most popular color scheme for your home in 2021 will be black and darker colors.

Simplicity in Design: All about Clean Lines & The Simple Look

While the farmhouse and mid-century modern styles are still popular, homeowners are starting to switch to more streamlined designs.Many homeowners build remodels to create tranquil havens where the stresses of daily life cannot reach. This typically means simplicity, all about clean lines, the simple look has a modern twist. They will continue to be a popular kitchen choice throughout 2021. Removing upper wall cabinets has become a growing trend in the last few years. Removing them makes your kitchen appear much larger and brighter since there is more space to work with. It allows you to maximize the use of your countertop space. Not only is it impossible for many people to reach the shelves in cabinetry, but most people don’t even need that much storage. Although an open shelf design with baskets for storage could also work if there is a need for extra space or the kitchen remodel has a focal point like glass shelves. Throw Textures in Your Design Scheme When we say streamlined, we want to make it clear that this remodel will not be boring. Throw textures into your kitchen design scheme,If you are interested in open shelving, wood with natural elements or a more industrial look can be used. A kitchen that is easy to clean and has a floor in natural stone or backsplash tiles sculpted, beveled, or stacked will provide the perfect focal point. Different finishes on kitchen cabinets provide an interesting look that is different than what we usually see in the stores. Consider installing a ceiling treatment that will help to create an extra bit of polish.  Interiors by Jayme Credit: Canyon Creek

Quartz Countertops – Most Durable Choice for Your Kitchen”

For high-end kitchen countertops, quartz falls in the best-tasting category. In this sense, they are more on par with granite and marble. The material it is made from can last virtually forever, is a breeze to maintain and does not allow microbial growth; this makes it an excellent choice for your kitchen. Granite, generally the most expensive material for countertops, requires a little more maintenance than others. When quartz countertops first came into the market, the main worry was lack of variety in colors and finishes. Of course, with the advent of technology and the years that followed, manufacturers were able to make a vast number of colors available as well as realistic stone patterns. You can even get quartz countertops that already have elaborate swirls and large veining to imitate other materials like natural stone. Styles such as these have been growing in popularity. Designing with Soft Colors: Grey, Taupe, and White There is a notable trend toward softer and less contrasted colors. It seems like more homeowners are choosing to go with color schemes like grey, taupe or white for their kitchens and these trends will only continue. The tendencies of patterns have changed to veining from particulates which we’ve seen in earlier years. This trend, seen in many other spaces, follows the cleaner design style. Even though we’ve already talked about countertops, you should know that another growing trend is the use of composite sinks. Examples of sinks made from the same material as the countertop. This gives a cleaner and more uniform appearance, which makes it easier to clean. But you should know that despite still being popular, stainless steel and farmhouse sinks are on the decline. What are the New Kitchen Colors for 2021? The colors of the kitchen have changed a lot over the last few years. The average homeowner is now looking for bold, bright color combinations that reflect their personality and tastes. Here are the top 5 colors for new kitchen design in 2021
  • Jet Black: A stark contrast from traditional black appliances, jet black provides an industrial feel without being too glossy or dramatic. Pair this striking shade with brighter hues like yellow or light green – blue makes it pop even more!
  • Napa Valley Stone: There’s no denying that stone countertops are beautiful and timeless; however, they can also be prohibitively expensive. Napa valley stone offers a similar, cost-effective alternative. It can be used to cover the whole kitchen or just a small piece of it – like for an island or backsplash!
  • Sage: Another neutral and timeless color, sage is also often found in kitchens because it pairs well with most other hues and has been shown to help reduce anxiety levels.
  • Charcoal Gray: A chic shade that’s perfect for those who want their home to have a modern, sleek aesthetic but still want it to feel warm and inviting. Pair this dark hue with lighter colors like yellow, white, light blue – anything goes as long as you keep your accessories limited so they don’t take away from its sophistication!
  • Faded Blue: This refreshing shade is perfect for those who want their kitchen to have a retro feel but don’t want it to scream “1980’s!” Pair this color with natural wood such as oak or maple and keep your accessories simple so they’re not competing against the hue.

Increase Your Kitchen Cabinet Space & Efficiency

One thing that’s challenging with kitchen cabinetry is the wasted space. While the design of basic shelves and drawers is useful for the storage that it offers, they leave a lot of wasted space. Worst of all, available kitchen space often doesn’t adequately accommodate larger items. It can be either too wide and have too much empty overhead space or not provide enough room to store necessary utensils in an order that maximizes efficiency. Arguably the most important piece of your kitchen, one of the foundations to a functional kitchen is kitchen storage. If an improvement or addition in one area is not matched by improvements or additions elsewhere, this can lead to countless frustrations and challenges. Given these storage problems, many homeowners are looking for better storage solutions in cabinetry. These include: appliances, garages for small appliances, drawer dividers for cutlery & utensils, pull-outs for spices and pots & pans; as well as wastebasket cabinets for garbage and recyclables and/or deep drawers. These make it easy to store foods, drinks and small appliances. 2021 will see a range of new kitchen storage options throughout the whole kitchen. For instance, swing-out pantries–designed to make everyday lives more effortless and cooking fun.

Wise Choice: Flooring for Your Kitchen

As for the flooring, hardwood is still your best bet. But in the kitchen, ceramic flooring is still incredibly popular. Thanks to new technological advances, ceramic floor tiles now come in many different designs and styles. You’ll be able to find ceramic tiles that resemble hardwood flooring, for instance. If you want to maintain the hardwood look but prefer a material that is easier to maintain, consider pairing it with crushed stone.In addition to wood, ceramic tiles can be designed to resemble other materials including natural stone. Emulating the natural look of the material ensures that it doesn’t stand out from the cabinetry. Traditional sizing can be a thing of the past when it comes to kitchen design.One trend in kitchen design is the use of larger format tiles. Hardwood-patterned tiles can achieve the look of hardwood without the expense, and are used in many kitchens. You can also get custom cut tiles to create a uniquely patterned kitchen. Or you can create a customized design that features your favorite colors and patterns in tile work on the marble floor or walls with a professional kitchen designer.

Kitchen Islands are the New Focus Point of Your Home

The kitchen island has grown from something that is an afterthought or small to squeeze into the space and now it is one of the focal points of your home. One of the changes that is emerging in kitchen design is a single level for larger size; especially due to less wall cabinet space. The kitchen island needs to make a statement, but it cannot be bigger than your refrigerator. The kitchen island will be the best jack-of-all-trades in 2021. Kitchens will now come with storage cabinets and fittings for various appliances, as well as provide seating while serving as a breakfast bar. To adapt their home to the need for more space, homeowners are using an open-plan layout and integrating kitchen islands into living room spaces. This ensures the kitchen island can be multi functional without creating clutter in the space. Subway Tiles Are Out! It’s hard to keep up with the many new trends and styles in kitchen design, but tile backsplashes seem to have been popular for a long time. Backsplashes offer a place to decorate and see your choice of tile colors up close. Larger appliances may not be the norm anymore, but they are still seen in many kitchens. These days, people tend to go for rougher or more textured tiles instead of flat ones. Also, you have a lot of colors to choose from. It all depends on the colors you choose and personal preference. Choosing a new color palette for your updated kitchen can be very trendy right now. It allows you to get more creative with designing the space. Neutral patterns with natural textures are another option for those wanting a traditional appearance. Increasingly, tile backsplashes cover a smaller surface area of the wall and take on more decorative qualities, large slabs are taking over. These slabs can be marble, quartz, wood, copper, stainless steel, glass…. the list goes on forever! When it comes to wall coverage, backsplashes are rising to the ceiling. With drawer and upper cabinets getting replaced, homeowners can now gain improved space. When it comes to the aesthetics of this space, tile backsplashes are deeply appealing.

Mix Metal in the Kitchen: Coordinating Your Various Metals

Do you ever wonder if it’s okay to mix metal in the kitchen? The answer is YES! Installing mixed metal cabinets adds character to the space and should be done carefully. By 2021, more of us will be cooking in kitchens that blend traditional styles with new trends. The trend for styles is to mix and match. If you want a gold faucet in your kitchen, but hate the look of it by itself, try pairing that with black or nickel hardware.Light fixtures can be a completely different metal altogether, but with hints of the same one used elsewhere. These pieces complete the space.  Another way to incorporate metals is in your furniture for kitchen tables, chairs or island stools. These can be easily interchangeable when you want to change things up a bit! Textured metals that are the same color as your other kitchen pieces can be a nice way of adding something new without going too wild. Plumbing manufacturers are coming out with a variety of options for faucets, including those that have mixed metals. A matte black faucet arc might catch your eye and the handle could be either a soft brass or chrome, depending on your personal preference.

Shine Some Light In The Kitchen

The light shines down on a room, and it can make a difference in even the most well-decorated space. A trendy, modern living room design might typically include a lot of light. But there’s no reason why the kitchen couldn’t also benefit from such an attractive design. Use metallic accents to shine the spotlight on the light fixture in your kitchen. A clean palette keeps the design of your kitchen free from distraction. While not as eye-catching as traditional statement lighting, the latest pendants are beautifully simple.