If you’re cooking in a cramped and outdated space, you probably feel the urge to remodel the kitchen into a place that is welcoming to your entire family. However, it takes much longer than a matter of days to remodel a kitchen. A typical kitchen remodels timeline can vary between a few weeks, or months, depending on the extent of the remodel.

Maybe you’ve done the research, and decided you’re ready to tackle that kitchen remodel but are wondering when it’s the best time? We’re here to help with deciding when is the best time for undertaking a project of this magnitude!

Deciding on the best time to remodel your kitchen is one of the most important parts of planning a project. When it comes to kitchen remodeling, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Consider these points when deciding on the right time for your project.

Set Your Project Timeline According to Your Family Events

If you live in a busy household, it might not be the best time to perform a large remodeling project like updating your kitchen. Home construction is a hindrance for most people. Adding it to your already busy schedule will only worsen the problem. The best time to remodel your kitchen depends on what works for you. But in general, the middle of summer is an ideal time because it affords the most flexibility and plenty of time to complete projects. Remodeling during summer vacations, kids’ camps and when schedules are less stressful usually makes it more doable.

Don’t Forget About Deals & Discounts

The average nationwide kitchen remodeling budget is currently at $30,000. If you’re among those who are gearing up to remodel their kitchen, plan around the national holidays and/or manufacturers’ sales periods that offer significant discounts on home goods. Thanksgiving, Black Friday promotions in November and December, and spring deals in April or May are all a great time to purchase supplies. In order to avoid the annoyance of running out of your favorite product, it’s a good idea to purchase and store any necessary products in advance. Supplies can also help keep your project timeline on track.

The best time to remodel your kitchen is when you are planning on staying in the home for a few years. This way, you can take advantage of all those tax deductions that come with doing so! If you’re unsure about how long you may be living at this address, it might not be worth investing quite yet. It could also depend on what kind of renovations need to happen or if there will be major changes going from a traditional stove-top oven and range cooktop set up to an electric one.

Or maybe after discovering mold behind your fridge due to rain getting into the house during heavy windstorms, now seems like as good of a time as ever? You can undertake a kitchen remodel at pretty much any time of the year, but you should consider these months. Every month might be different for your needs. Let’s discuss them in detail;

A Spring Kitchen Remodel: Your Family’s Fresh Start

Your family deserves to be off on their own fresh start by gutting your kitchen. Remodeling your kitchen in springtime will be a lovely celebration of new beginnings. A spring kitchen remodel is like an extreme version of when you’re usually deep-cleaning your house. Spring is typically a time of temperature extremes, with winter quickly approaching and summer yet to arrive. Chances are you have already decided to remodel your kitchen, but now you need to figure out the best time for a project of this magnitude. Indoor work also means that you won’t have to worry about seasonal weather while the project is being completed.

However, kitchen remodeling is not limited to simple changes in cabinetry or layout. It can involve expanding the size of your kitchen as well. You might also consider waiting for the spring to arrive or the rain to stop, as this could cause your project timeline to run off course.

Another downside to spring is that while it may be a time when family budgets are most flexible, contractors may be busier. As winter relinquishes its hold on some parts of the country, homeowners are eager to begin outdoor projects that have been waiting in limbo. When you speak with contractors, they will tell you their spring schedule is completely planned.

The market in which you reside plays a significant role in how much time and money it will take to have your kitchen remodeled. When you’re looking for a contractor to remodel your kitchen, prices can increase in accordance with demand. So, you’re ready to undertake a kitchen remodel and in the process save some money on your home improvement project. Spring might not be the best time for scheduling a contractor since this is when they are seeking work less often.

You can continue to cook tasty grilled meals by getting a contractor to remodel your kitchen while you are in the room. But if you are in a social mood, you can call your friends over to party until they need to drop. While you wait for the kitchen to be remodeled, you could hang out in the backyard and draw with your kids.

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Summer: Cost-Saving Remodeling Opportunities

One time of the year that many people tend to have more free time is summer. Many families take vacations during this time or kids are out of school, so if it’s a project you’d like to take on in the near future then perhaps start with a kitchen remodel! If you’re planning to do indoor work, it’s best to start sooner rather than later.

Summer could be a good time to schedule your project. Contractors are more available in the summer and will likely charge less for their service because it is not as busy of a season.

There’s no perfect answer when you ask contractors what the best time is, but they may say that fall would be better than spring or summer if you’re looking for an affordable price on renovation services. Fall brings about cooler temperatures which might make remodeling easier on both workers and homeowners too.

If money isn’t really an issue then winter could work well with contractor availability since there are fewer storms during this time of year, which can cause delays in projects due to weather-related conditions.

Another advantage to remodeling your kitchen in the summer is that bright, sunny days can fill your kitchen with well-needed natural light. When trying to find the perfect match for cabinetry, counters, flooring, and walls, natural light can help you identify true colors.

Also, remember that; remodeling a kitchen takes several weeks, which means other cooking will have to be done elsewhere and your existing space is no longer functional. If you choose to have your kitchen remodel done during the summer, then you can take advantage of a variety of menu options. And you can prepare some quick and light foods that will make you get enough easily.

In general, now is the time when you are least hectic, so it’s easier to schedule this project for weeks or even months with some advance notice. If you want to coordinate with the contractor, review ongoing work, and have a chance to suggest any ideas or changes, it would be best if you time your project so that there is ample time.

Summer is a great time for travel, and that can help get you out of the inconvenience of remodeling. Many families plan for the remodel to be done during their summer vacation. They take the necessary time to have a vacation and return home with their new kitchen ready for use. However, you should keep in mind that prices may be higher over the summer. This is a busy season for contractors, so they may charge more to deal with the increased demand.

Fall: Getting a New Kitchen When the Leaves Change

Autumn is a popular time for people to have massive work done on their kitchens. It’s a good idea to start thinking about painting your kitchen once the fall season closes in and make sure you have any tiling that needs doing sorted out during the summer months.

Fall is a popular time of the year to remodel kitchens because there are fewer holiday parties and projects taking place. Most homeowners consider showing off their remodeled kitchen design to holiday guests and the excitement of preparing seasonal feasts with new countertops, cabinets, and appliances.

Hiring a contractor for this project in the summer may pose difficulties as most of their projects are winding down. It is more likely that they can work with your schedule if you contact them at this time. Even still, autumn is hectic because homeowners often decide to undertake a last-minute project before the holidays. Alternatively, you can wait for special discounts from designers who are trying to reduce inventory.

However, if you plan to redo your kitchen in the fall, then you might find lower prices on new appliances. Contractors like to make room for next year’s designs by clearing out some of their current models.

In the Fall, you may be able to save on costs. Costs will likely have gone down due to a decrease in demand for remodeling services during this time of year. This is also a good time for contractors who are ready to take some downtime before things really pick up again next Spring. So if that means they’ll charge less for their work then it could be an ideal opportunity!

Winter Kitchens: Risks and Rewards

Cooler weather means the end of autumn, and winter is on its way. With fall approaching, you have to start thinking about renovating your kitchen. Now, more than ever, you need to fall in love with your kitchen!

Although winter isn’t traditionally the best season to remodel a kitchen, it can be if you’re willing to be flexible with your renovation date. Winter is a popular time to start remodeling because it minimizes disruptions during the winter holidays. If this is when you traditionally welcome guests to your home, you might feel the same way. If you’re usually away for the holidays, then it’s possible to have a kitchen remodel done when you are not home.

The coldest months of the year can be a slow time for contractors. Consequently, you may find special offers or upgrades designed to entice homeowners into scheduling a kitchen remodeling project. If you’re trying to stretch your remodeling budget as far as possible, consider looking into possible winter discounts.

A popular belief is that summertime (typically from May to September) is the best time of year for a kitchen remodel. As kitchens are an indoor job, you can choose to have the work over whenever it best suits your schedule. If you are looking for help transforming your kitchen, or for assistance hiring a reputable renovation company, we are available to provide guidance and support. To start planning your upcoming kitchen remodeling project, contact us about scheduling a free design consultation.

Holidays Can Be the Perfect Time to Update Your Kitchen

The toughest part of a winter remodel is scheduling around special occasions. Even if you aren’t working on the project, there’s still the inconvenience of getting around a holiday gathering at your house and figuring out how to divide space. You may wait until the new year to begin your home renovation. This way you won’t need to make too many adjustments for the holidays.

Are you ready to talk more about how to make your kitchen run smoothly? Call us today for a complimentary consultation about how we can create the kitchen of your dreams. It’s a great time to breathe some new life into the space that is truly the heart of your home.

How Long Does A Kitchen Renovation Project Take? 

When it comes to remodeling your bathroom or kitchen, there are different factors you’ll need to consider. One of the most critical aspects of completing your project is understanding how long it will take you to complete. Of course, setting up realistic goals and expectations is essential for achieving your renovation projects.  

When you are remodeling the kitchen, one of your most important considerations should be what goal you want to achieve. When you begin a kitchen remodel, the first question to ask yourself is if your vision includes a complete makeover or just a few key changes. The bigger the project then, the more labor and construction work will be required. But we can say that, on average, you’ll find that a kitchen renovation project can take anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks to complete but keep in mind that this does not include the planning or design phase.